Villa in Tullnerbach

Generalsanierung mit Zubau

Planung und örtliche Bauaufsicht

Nutzfläche gesamt: 362m²

This is one of our older projects in its newly restored original look and with technical upgrades. Enjoying its generous and authentic, historical charm - dating back to the second half of the 19th century, might feel like a time journey, while living in a comfortable modern private housing. It consists of a grand living room with an open fireplace and a great access to the terrace, a dining room, a separate kitchen with access to another terrace, two bedrooms, three bathrooms and four powder rooms. The basement of the house consists of a three car garage space, a utility room, a sauna, an indoor spa, two spacious rooms for hobbies and storage, and access to the terrace at the lawn level. The big multifunctional open space concept on the attic floor leads further to the tower room with an amazing open view over the valley. A spacious triangle shaped lavish garden on a mild slope and the whole district full of hiking areas situated by a lake outside of the city center offer various outdoor activities in nature.